Prioritizing my life…

I quit my radio show a couple of weeks ago. Feeling overwhelmed something had to be cut out of my life. With my two children, three dogs, a house and a hubby, my life is overflowing with craziness every minute.

How fitting is it for the Happy Housewife to quit her show to get back to her family,” a fan wrote me thanking me for making that decision. Hey, don’t put me on a pedestal, I wrote back. I love being on the radio and I hope to be back on soon. I have a lot to say as you all know. But right now, need to focus on my family.

With all that is going on in America and my community, I am feeling the strain of negative influences trying to destroy my morals, values and beliefs. I need to hold down the fort and protect what is mine. And it is taking all of my energy.

My children are only in the nest for a short time. I need to make sure they can go out into this world and fly. That is my true role in life. That is my blessing. That is my job.

It is fun to have a radio show or a website but it is just nonsense to the truth of parenting. For every mom and dad across America, I truly believe our country is in trouble. I am scared for my family and our future. And it is up to me, you, and every parent to hold onto what is real and what matters.

I know you all support my decision and I have received so many great emails. Sign up for my newsletter and stay tuned… I have something up my sleeves.